Purchase Process

  1. All listed prices are subject to change from time to time and are inclusive of VAT (value added tax) (12.5%). All prices are quoted in Vatu (VUV). 
  2. For an option fee of 5% of the purchase price, purchasers may secure a 45 day option.  The fee is fully refundable if a purchaser elects not to proceed following a physical inspection of the property.  If the purchaser does elect to proceed then the option fee will be applied towards the 10% deposit payable on signing the agreement for sale and purchase.
  3. Finance can be made available to approved purchasers with reasonable credit ratings.  A 20% cash equity is the minimum required by most local banks.
  4. All the blocks within the Marina Estates are leasehold strata titles issued under the Vanuatu Strata Titles Act.
    All land in Vanuatu is leasehold and the maximum lease term is 75 years.
    The leasehold strata titles include provisions in the lease for buy back of the improvements at the end of the term.
  5. Body Corporate levies, including land rent, is approximately VUV60,000 (AUD800) per annum per block.
  6. Legal fees for the conveyance are approximately VUV120,000 - 160,000 (AUD1 - 2,000) per block but vary dependant upon whether you have secured a mortgage to finance the property.

Contact Us to initiate the purchase process.